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Nara Yoshitomo,《NY Drawing (left); Yogyakarta Cat (right)》from the series 〈days 2003-2012〉
Nara Yoshitomo, NY Drawing (left); Yogyakarta Cat (right)  from the series days 2003-2012, 2003–2012, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, ©Yoshitomo Nara

TOP Collection: Serendipity

Wondrous Discoveries in Daily Life

Apr. 7Jul. 9, 2023

  • Apr. 7Jul. 9, 2023
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At the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, we present collection exhibitions based on a variety of themes, and examine the works in our holdings from a diverse range of perspectives. The theme of this edition is “serendipity.” This word, derived from a Persian fairytale, means to have a gift or luck to accidentally make unexpected discoveries.

Maybe you have had an experience like this. For example, you come across a picture postcard that you find moving or soothing, so you decide to stick it on your wall or carefully keep it in a notebook. Or as you are looking back at a bunch of photographs you took, you suddenly discover a link between two of them that transcends place and time. These are perfect examples of serendipity. And the act of viewing an exhibition is another serendipitous experience that is filled with encounters with unexpected events.

In this exhibition, drawn from the museum’s collection of over 37,000 items, we introduce works that capture an ordinary moment in everyday life, while exploring the delicate workings of the photographers’ hearts. Although we sometimes experience different kinds of painful and difficult events for short periods over many years, we may be able to return to the state of healing or emotional richness achieved through serendipity by understanding the viewpoints of these photographers.

Chapter 1 | Quiet Gazes, Contented Times
Artist: Yoshino Erika, Gocho Shigeo, Kitai Kazuo, Shimao Shinzo, Ushioda Tokuko, Imai Tomoki

Yoshino Erika01  Yoshino erika02
Yoshino Erika, from the series JOBIM, 2022, Collection of the artist

Gocho Shigeo
Gocho Shigeo, from the series Days, 1967-1970, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Ushioda Tokuko
Ushioda Tokuko, Refrigerator, 1999, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Chapter 2 | Scenes Through Windows, or Simply Capturing What is There
Artist: Suzuki Nozomi, Sanai Masafumi, Casai Hideki, Eadweard Muybridge, Yamazaki Hiroshi, Hamada Ryo, Aikawa Masaru

Suzuki Nozomi
Suzuki Nozomi, Windows from the east side of the second floor of the Kakinoki apartment from the series Other Days, Other Eyes,  2016, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Eadweard Muybridge
Eadweard Muybridge, Dog; galloping; white racing hound, Maggie from the series Muybridge Plates, 1887, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Aikawa Masaru
Aikawa Masaru, from the series landscape, 2019, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Chapter 3 | Photographs Side by Side
Artist: Nara Yoshitomo, Saito Harumichi, Nakahira Takuma, Elliott Erwitt

Saito Harumichi01  Saito Harumichi
Saito Harumichi, from the series Sansation, 2011, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

NAKAHIRA Takuma01  NAKAHIRA Takuma02
NAKAHIRA Takuma, from the series Everyday Life, 1990-1996, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Chapter 4 | Serendipity in Art
Artists: Honjo Naoki, Inoue Sayuki, Ishikawa Naoki, Homma Takashi, Hatakeyama Naoya

Honjo Naoki
Honjo Naoki, Tokyo, Japan 2005  from the series small planet, 2005, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Ishikawa Naoki
Ishikawa Naoki, from the series Mt. Fuji, 2008, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Homma Takashi
Homma Takashi, from the series Tokyo and my Daughter, 1999-2010, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

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